Value Innovation

VOTI has combined its ground-breaking BioSansTM technology with an innovative product design to develop a new generation of x-ray screening systems aimed at delivering a superior value proposition to our clients. While there has been much notable advancement in the field of X-ray imaging over the past several years – including the introduction of dual-energy and multisource systems – important capability gaps have continued to exist, especially in the face of significant security threats worldwide. Today’s security scanners need to present fast, revealing images to the operator, provide extensive automatic threat detection, be easy to use, have the capability to network and provide an overall reliable and cost-effective security solution. Our latest-generation 3D perspective X-ray scanners use a state-of-the-art software platform in combination with advanced detection geometries to create an engineering innovation that drastically changes the way we understand the meaning of security.

VOTI offers a higher value proposition due to innovative design that improves detection capabilities, delivers broader functionalities, provides clearer images, and inherently implies lower maintenance costs. This is made possible through our state of the art software platform, BioSansTM, which propels our products into the untapped value gap that exists in the parcel, baggage and small cargo market segments. A low cost solution with quality images and functionality that supersedes what is currently available in the market today.

For a dynamic visual display of VOTI’s unique High Value Proposition, please watch the video below.

Summary of Key Factors:

Feature rich performance at competitive prices. VOTI’s systems incorporate state-of-the art image processing technologies, inventive hardware design, feature-rich software and an ergonomic touchscreen user interface. The range of special features and modules include Automatic Risk Assessment, Icon-driven GUI with LCD touch screen, Threat Alert and Material Classification, Area of Interest highlighting, extensive Networking and Archive Management, multi-lingual operation and many more. Moreover, VOTI utilizes 3-D perspective technology across the XR3D product family, whether on its single or multisource systems, which translates to vastly improved imagery and detection at a much lower cost.

Enhanced images: High performance scanning results in images that are sharper and far more revealing. The higher image resolution and sharper contrast allow operators to see what they need to see, analyze the images easily and make confident and rapid decisions.

Improved threat detection:
VOTI’s scanners employ innovative new feature sets to deliver exceptional threat detection capabilities. Through an advanced ergonomic interface, operators can manipulate and enhance scanned images in a variety of ways to better pinpoint and evaluate potential threats. The overall threat detection process is automatically enhanced by a suite of software guided tools and feature sets, including extended configurable threat libraries.

Superior Operations Management:
An easy-to-use interface and intuitive touch screen result in a superior user experience. Comprehensive management capabilities include archive management, network integration, multi-language options and the ability to set different administrative parameters. The system’s ease-of-use allows for minimal training and the ability to get up and running quickly.