Company profile

Improving security screening throughout the world is our goal.

Established in 2008, VOTI is a leading-edge technology company that develops latest-generation x-ray security systems based on breakthrough 3-D perspective technology.  VOTI’s technology produces remarkably sharp and more-revealing x-ray images that are competitively superior, while delivering enhanced threat detection capabilities and a vastly-improved user experience.

Since its inception, VOTI has consulted heavily with government agencies and security specialists worldwide to develop feature-rich and easy-to-use scanners that meet the sophisticated needs of modern security screening operations. Our R&D continues to focus on bringing innovative ideas and new technologies together to provide frontline users with clear, discerning information and the tools they need to make quick, accurate decisions.

VOTI’s scanners are ideally suited for security screening at Critical Infrastructures, Correctional Facilities,  (e.g. government buildings, embassies, courts, mail rooms and sensitive installations), Ports & Borders, Military Facilities and Transportation nodes (cargo, transit, airports). Delivering competitively superior, cost-effective performance, VOTI’s scanners have drawn interest worldwide and are being actively deployed in North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle-East.